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January 12th, 2008

04:46 am - fare thee well, my sweet panda...

i am moving but i'm NOT packing my bags.
the are some things i really need / desire to alter on the this journal's style sheets but i face creative and technical obstacles here.
SOOO i've moved into a "new space" on my site www.amysol.com/blog short and sweet. you can add my new blog to your rss feed and add your link/profile in the comments section. take care <3 - amy sol


p.s. i will remain an active live journal member although this blog will be stationary. please do not remove me from your friends unless you want off my friends page. thank you ^___^
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December 14th, 2007

01:07 pm - ohh, so many pretty things
i returned home this week from
sb miami. though i bummed around on the beach most if the time i did manage to check out some of the fairs and grab a few photos. i loved the laid back atmosphere of the aqua hotel. the rooms were fresh & airy and the art was well lighted in the day. it felt very comfortable, if i had to choose this was my favorite spot.

red dot
had a very eclectic mix of works and galleries.
the rooms and halls inside were a bit stuffy and dark, but an adventure none the less!

i posted my photos here >click<


official sites

a few blogs with coverage on the fairs


pictures from the november 16th exhibit at
lineage gallery
are up on the site, see them here

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November 30th, 2007

08:21 am - art basel
miami art basel

i've contributed 3 new works for art basel dec 5th- 9th in miami, fl. josh liner from lineage gallery
will be curating the large group exhibition
http://www.fame-collective.com/ website for more info.

heres a pic of "the uncaging of loll spirits" i noticed afterward that her hair is very "manga", haha.

click > here < for details of all three paintings

ive definitely been head deep in work this year.
from dec 1st- 26th i am taking a full break from painting.
ill probably do some light drawing and attending to sewing hobbies- but NO painting. my arm, wrist and back have been suffering from my position at the easel for almost an entire year.

next year i have two solo exhibits which are spaced 6 months apart along with a few group exhibits where i contribute 1-3 works.
this is still quite alot to keep me occupied constantly but i enjoy concentrating my efforts on solo projects. ive been musing for some while on the two themes of the exhibits. i feel like the ideas have been harbored up and the time is finally approaching to make them blossom.

exhibition calendar 2008
both upcoming years are closed, meaning i will not add anymore to them. the approximate number of works may vary.

february -
group exhibit gallery 1988- 3 pieces

*** June -
thinkspace gallery solo exhibit "karmic magic"
10 works and several illustrations

limited addiction gallery group exhibit- 1-2 works

mondo bizzaro
solo exhibit

now.. im off get lots of sleep

happy holidays
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November 28th, 2007

08:47 am - luke chueh's vivisect dec 1st
for luke's http://www.lukechueh.com/
annual "vivisect" exhibit at gallery 1988 http://www.nineteeneightyeight.com
i choose to make these water graphite studies, squirrel, bunnie, bear. doing their hobbies.

they are about 5x7 w/goughe, and graphite on cotton rag.
it was nice to take a break from my recent intensive painting on panels to do these little illustrations.

blurry pic!! sorry


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November 13th, 2007

11:02 am

"the apple and the string" 24x 30

i uploaded photos and detail pics of work for the upcoming lineage gallery group exhibit
in my live-journal scrapbook gallery

url http://pics.livejournal.com/my_sweet_panda/gallery/0000791r

this friday, nov. 16th is the opening.
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October 16th, 2007

03:14 pm - longer nights
an upcoming exhibit 16th of november @ lineage gallery in philadelphia, pa - will host the lovely artist sam flores downstairs and stella im hultberg & me amy sol upstairs.

im working on five paintings for this exhibit. the work has been very intensive, i feel they are nearing completion but the finishing touches seem to be taking forever. for fun i post a recent working photo >here

im getting anxious because the progression of these pieces have taken longer than anything ive ever done up to this point. it's strange, i dont recognize myself while i paint. its like my hands have more patience than me.
i'd really love to go out this halloween. if the works are complete... we shall see ;-)
in print news..
the printshop friends
are busy prepping a few pretty prints (below) to make available on website sometime before holidays.
we decided to create two sm size giclee in larger editions
"carousel girl" and "music of turtles"
and one larger giclee in smaller edition
"uyi and the careful feathers"
we notify exact date/time of sale to those on my subscription/mailing list.

"music of turtles"

"carrousel girl"

"uyi and the careful feathers"
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September 14th, 2007

04:05 pm - computer clothes ;-)
gela skins // www.gelaskins.com
recently released "peach, yoshi, and subcon the land dreams" as a new skin. the title is shortly abbreviated "land of dreams" on the print.

yay ! ^__^

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September 12th, 2007

09:46 pm - roq la rue and tiny darling trees.
washington is beautiful this time of year. not one day of clouds during the wk we were there.
here are a few pics of the opening night @ roq la rue gallery
all of the artworks were amazing in person! here are the sites to the artists that night
i really loved stellas new works on canvas. didnt manage to snap any close up though
hopefully everyone updates theyre sites and blogs with the new works
stella http://www.stellaimhultberg.com/
oksana http://www.badrak.com/
femke http://www.femtasia.nl/
few shots of mine below..

heres how my frames came out, added this very subtle glistening iridescence to them.. you can only see it in certain angles. i antiqued/ painted them myself and enjoyed it so.

these are the only pics i have on my laptop right at the moment, so this is all for now :(

" the music of turtles"

"summer snowberries"

trees trees and more trees...

every once and a random while i stumble across a person, thing or place that truly inspires me and enlightens in such a way.. its hard to put it into words and i feel light hearted for days and days.

more about elendan gardens... i posted everything >>> here

ive seen trees.... now i must draw treeeeees!!


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August 29th, 2007

07:43 pm - catching up..
i found a new studio space this month, it close to the strip and china town which is very different compared to where i lived before.

ive been longing to move my studio and unexpectedly found this place.. its big and unbelivably affordable !
the three-way lighting is the main reason i choose it. i will have to move again in one year, (big move) so i dont have plans to get completely settled in.

the downside is the neighborhood.. its shady, shady. behind bars for now ^__^


a new batch of colors for works in upcoming group exhibits.

ive been in mood for romantic and warm.
i am suprised how unique some of the pigment mixtures turned out.. refreshing to work w/ a new pallate.

a new piece in progress, about half finished.. a result of the new color batch...

all the series will be divied into two group exhibits this yr (about 10 small pieces total) & will be framed in various sized cutey floral frames..hand antiqued (by yours truly). i like lighter frames on the works but these will not be white white- more of a naturally light patina.

not finished, but very close..

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August 9th, 2007

07:57 am - light hearted things
little watercolors 6" x 4" ish

recently i putted together a small bundle of new character studies.
they are made w/gouche and graphite

the close ups <<<<

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